SferMusic, has been an  International  Cultural  Association  for  Music  and  Art  since 2008 ;  it  is registered as  such in the Province of Verona.  Its aims are to promote, encourage and develop knowledge of culture in general and music in particular at both national and  international  levels.

Through  the  promotion  of  new  projects-leaders  in the various fields  in which it operates (educational, cultural, social, co-operation  with other countries), and  a  new approach  to  existing  projects,  “SferMusic”  hopes  to give opportunities  to  young  artists  and  to collaborate  with  established  ones, at  both  private  and  public  levels  in  various  fields.

The  interest  which  SferMusic  has  always  shown  in  promoting  international  cultural exchange  has led  to collaboration with guests from  all over the world  including Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Norway, Rumania, Spain…

SferMusic  offers  to its members, artists and  friends  the following :

ñpublicity and opportunities for work;

ñdigital audio recording and amplifying services;

ñcomputerized  copying  writing of  sheet music;

ñimage and advertising creation;

ñphotographic  services;

ñorganization  of  artistic events  at all levels;

ñproduction of musical  teaching  materials,



SferMusic  also  promotes  and  organizes  numerous  activities  such  as  Work-experience,  Masterclasses,  Congresses,  Events,  which  have become very  well-known both  in Italy  and  abroad.   Among  these are  :

ñ“From  the heart  of  Veneto  to  the  hearts  of  the  whole  world : the Piano.”  A congress and  an advanced course on instruments and  musicians,

ñ“Let  us  concert  ourselves  in  the  Sacred”, a  series of concerts  in cathedrals, basilicas  and  churches  of  Italy,

ñ“Art Shop – SferMusic ‘ s  cultural  drawing-rooms” – meetings  with  artists  and promotion  of  young  talents  in all  artistic fields,

ñ“Memory  in  Sound” – a  philanthropic  project  dedicated  to  Institutions  for  the Elderly  in  Italy,

ñ“The Stage  is  Ready !”  –  meetings with students of various artistic  disciplines aimed  at  preparation  for  public performance.,

ñ“Music-Life”  –  a  project  to produce  audio-cassettes, video-cassettes  or  DVD cassettes, books, etc.  with  both  established  artists  and  young  or  new  talents, and  to distribute  them all over the  world.